Sep 27, 2012

I find peace

I find peace in you
In your bosom I find peace
I find peace in your shelter
I find peace in your presence

Your heart is filled with love and kindness and much peace
This where I want to dwell
Your heart is where I want to belong

Where can I find you?
Where do you dwell?

Where ever you are is where I want to because in you is where 

I find peace 
In your bosom is where I cherish
In your shelter is where I build my home

-Herlay Maitre

Jul 26, 2012

This Day..

This week I was reminded of how important our relationships are. Relationships are the essence to our existence. Let's face it we depend on each other in the most molecular way! If we say we don't need anyone we are simply deceiving ourselves. Our relationships may be challenging in that they cause us pain but the theory that we can make it on our own, is false.

Our relationships make us, builds us and if we allow them can destroy us. The notion that something that comes from the outside can destroy is illusive yet terrifying. Needless to say why we pull away or build walls for fear that we do not want to be hurt or taken advantage of. The pain we have once felt is real, let's not deny that; but to allow this pain to dictate the rest of your every day relationships is missing out on the exquisiteness that life has to offer.

 Seeking to hold on to the torment of a past or current relationship is to deny ourselves an opportunity for a real spiritual alliance while creating a place of mental confinement where by the mind dwells in a place of perpetual solitude. Food for thought, if you could heal all of your relationships, would you?

 Love & Light

 Herlay M.

Jan 11, 2012

Living in fear

Marcus Aurelius had this to say in regards to fear:
If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.
Marcus Aurelius

Living in fear separates you from arriving or doing anything productive. Your constantly thinking about what’s going to go wrong or right! Living in fear creates such a lapse in judgment because of the awareness of what one views as being constantly harmful. We tend to think about preparing ourselves for the worst. When preparing ourselves for the worst we spend so much time doing so, we create the “bad” event and say, “see I told you..I’m glad I prepared myself for this.” Without realizing it we plan a disaster. I’m not saying one should not cover their windows if it has been said that one should do so, in preparation for a major storm or hurricane. But what I am saying is that one should use the energy they have toward fear to do something much more productive with their lives. The amount of time we spend afraid of doing something or afraid that something is going to harm us, is the same amount of time we can use to pray and to send pure energy into this world.

I once meet a woman who told me her father was going to die. She said my father is on his death bed and I want to begin preparing for his death. She later received a call from her native county saying her father was getting better. She began to think about individuals back in her country and thought about all the preparations she would need to make to accommodate the people who are flying in for the funeral. Though her father has not passed and is getting better she thought, I’d better be safe than sorry. As she continued to plan, in the midst of her planning she received a phone call that her father passed, prior to her getting to her native country to see him. She thought to herself I’m so grateful I planned for his death. Though the woman was hurt she kept reaffirming to herself that what she did was right. We later talked and she realized that the time she spent planning while being in another country she could have spent with her father. She could have spent those last weeks with him, as he was feeling better.

Instead of planning on saying goodbye she could have actually said goodbye. The fear of losing her father caused her to think irrationally. The fact that she planning out her father’s funeral was not something to blame herself over, the purpose of hearing her father was on his death bed, was to help her to consider what is important. What was important the time of her preparations was the awareness that she needed not to worry or become afraid of not having enough provision for the people coming to her father’s funeral. If she was at all cognizant of the importance of remaining connected to what her intuition had been telling her, she would have been better off.

This experience taught her that she needed to be aware of the present moment, while allowing the fear and worry that she felt to dissipate and return to the nothingness it once was. If she had done so she would have realized that after her father’s death she could have then began to plan his funeral with her other siblings and shared that experience with them.

The concept of fear has the power to make you feel insane. Insanity is simply the mind that see’s itself outside of the context of love. This Love is Christ; this Christ is the True Self.

Within love,

Herlay Maitre

Dec 20, 2011

Come dine with me

Allow me to sip on your cup, the cup of life
Come rest with me
Allow me to rest at your side, the smell of your love makes me whole
Come and walk with me
Allow me to hold your hand, as the wind kisses my cheeks, I’m reminded of your oneness with me
Come, let’s talk about life
Allow me to be reminded about the life I’ve lived, so that I may continue in the life that I have
Come and dine with me.
Come and rest with me.
Come, lets talk.
Let’s gaze into each other’s eyes and become one.
Hold me, that I may melt into you! Trust me with your heart and I will trust you with mine.
We are one. We are the same. We have entered into each other for life.

Dec 7, 2011

Being You!

One of the most important aspects to life is that you decide to be yourself. Being yourself implies that you allow the most intricate details of your human existence to come alive. You allow your thoughts to become your reality. You live to allow your dreams to awaken positivity, life and divinity into another human soul. You live to transform, this universe, this earth and the present situations that occur around you.

Once you make a conscious effort to do this ; the most perfect way is revealed to you. True joy will implore you. Joy will lavish your being and create in you possibilities that were not there before. The dreams you’ve experienced through vision will come into fruition, you will begin to meet people who are aligned with your dream.

Divine influences happening in your soul will bring about divine connections that will manifest from spirit to what we know and see as reality. The difference between you and someone else is the amount of faith you have in your divine being. The faith that says I nolonger stand, but it is He that is in me that stands.

You are a blessing to this universe, at this very time in your life, you are here on earth as a promise that God came to fulfill. Seeing you succeed is the goal of the entire universe. Whether you realize this or not you have heard it said many times before; the universe what we know as God is conspiring for your success. You are an absolute miracle!

Nov 27, 2011

The Essence of Life

Beauty cannot be described; It is an inner awakening of your truest self. Once you get a hold of it you can only bestow it upon others. Clinging on to an inner awakening and blessing others is the beautiful intention of life.

As human beings we desire to make this planet a better place whether through our own existence or by physically doing something to put change into place. We can only do this through a sound mind. A mind that even at its molecular level speaks of peace. Scripture states that God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7.

This peace we speak of may give the illusion of impossibility for some especially when life gets to be overwhelming. However when life seems to be overwhelming we must take a moment to stop and enjoy the roses. As you stand in front of the rose and contemplate it you will develop a sense of appreciation for the beauty of it and find like you, the rose had to go through a renewal process as it once was a seed as we once were in the womb of our mother.

In life we all have a journey we need to go through. For each person it is a different journey.The elements that arise within the soul is the beauty of the journey. When this happens we participate in the experience of the journey and enjoy it fully. As you smell the rose, the rose itself fulfills its purpose as it reminds you of yours. To truly live is the only way to live. Living a meaningful life means,much like the rose, you fulfill your purpose. Ask yourself what is your purpose? After doing so acknowledge that your life up until now has been about this very moment. Feel the love of God expressed through this moment.

With love,

Herlay Maitre


Nov 14, 2011

Redefine death

Why is death such a hard concept to swallow.

It is only natural to find that as we age, our peers, parents, and associates will begin to pass on around us. But what makes this concept so difficult. When we think of death we tend to get sad at the thought of losing someone we love so dearly. Life without our significant other, parent, or best friend feels as if it cannot be lived. No matter how much were consoled there is still pain; that no one will be able to comprehend.

Let us redefine death and our understanding of it. What is death anyway? We have been taught that Death is the separation of the physical body from the spirit. There are different kinds of death, there is the physical and the spiritual. The spiritual death happens while here on earth. It is when we subconsciously choose to give our spirit or essential nature over to the things of this world. We make this decision unconsciously but sometimes we do it willingly. We do this all the time! Have you ever spoken to someone and while speaking to them they make reference to their spirituality by either saying they are atheist or just overwhelmed. Many people talk about spirituality as if it were a religion. This is not true. Religion is made up of ideas that people thought would be beneficial to the human race. Our spirit is the essence to who we really are. Your spirit self is the real you! However, one must also nurture the body, the mind and the spirit or soul. The mind, body and spirit or soul are entities that work together.

What if in thinking about death, we were to think about our personal awakening? What if we choose to redefine our feelings and emotions while in the moment of sadness. I say this because when someone passes away we begin to think about their lives and how their lives affected us. We think about our time with them, there smile; what they meant to us. In the new thought culture it said that one’s life should be celebrated and not forgotten. But what does that really mean? It means that we acknowledge the dead’s existence and while doing so we choose to be fully grateful for the encounter we had with the soul. This should lead us to thinking about whether or not this person truly lived and whether you are truly living.

I’ve once heard someone say death is not a loss, if you’ve truly lived while here on this earth. If we have truly lived our best life, we cannot go on to regret a person’s death; because we know that in our presence this person expressed their highest self. If we’ve truly lived we embrace the challenges that come with living on earth. Living a meaningful life, is living a purpose driven life. A life that everyday means something; a life that carries meaningful weight. An inspired life lived with love and substantial significance that you, can stand up and say that you are a proud partaker of.

Death does not have to be a scary thought. The topic of death can be an awakener, bringing us closer to our purpose here on earth. You know you’ve found your purpose when everything about you expresses peace, love and joy while acting on your purpose. Your purpose helps others tap into the highest form of life within themselves. In essence death is not a loss in the grander scheme of things. It is when we choose to quiet our gifts and talents that we experience true death.

With Love,

Herlay M.